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Becoming the Butterfly
When business owners decide to build a bridge to the future, the smart ones don’t set out to improve the present system. They create something entirely new.

When you re-engineer your life, you’re not just improving your present circumstances. You’re creating a whole new set of circumstances in keeping with your vision of what life should be.

The Harvard Business Review compared it to the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

“A butterfly is not more caterpillar or a better or improved caterpillar; a butterfly is a different creature,” wrote Tracy Goss, Richard Pascale, and Anthony Athos.

Becoming the butterfly you want to be means putting the old circumstances in the past, and concentrating all your resources on creating the new ones.

It can be risky and scary. You’re leaving the comfort and security of the old cocoon and accepting the challenges and uncertainties of the unknown. It’s natural to want to leave the path open for a return to the old ways if the new ways don’t work out.

But if you leave the path open, you’re likely to retrace it. At the first sign of adversity, you’ll give up the adventure and return to your cocoon – the life you were trying to leave behind.

A butterfly, of course, cannot return to its cocoon. The moment it makes its way to the outside and flutters its wings, it is committed to a new existence. Its life as a butterfly is not just a matter of what it does. It is also a matter of what it is.

We all can close our paths that lead backward by transforming ourselves into something we never were before.

All of us are destined to be more than what we are today, but becoming a butterfly takes time. If you are ready to take the first step toward your transformation from good to great, we are ready to listen.

Where do you want to go?

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